Elegant and refined coast resorts in Versilia Viareggio is one of the most famous and destination of world tourism. The entertainment center, home of Carnival and refinement with its night clubs in the lead and classy.

Night lights give way to a vibrant and colorful landscape in summer, the beautiful sunsets and quiet in the winter. Anyway, Viareggio is never far from the spotlight being able to offer in any season of the year, different kinds of tourist attractions. The historical traditions are limited in time: its name comes from the tower in Via Regia, the Lucchese erected around the fifteenth century when the harbor, once repaired and made functional the mouth of the Burlamacca began to come alive and start the first trade. But only after centuries began the real industrial growth based primarily on the shipyards.

The sea, the great ally of Viareggio, was a springboard for the construction of the boats used by the fishermen. The development, growth horizons and business philosophy has changed and now the same yards are designed and built boats and yachts of great value. But tourism is still the calling card of the city: in fact, in the early 1900s cabins already arrived at 3000 units to understand the unbridled escalation of one of the most elite seaside resorts in Italy.

A fusion between the green hills and pine forests and the blue sea make the unique landscape, as well as the Carnival. A long parade of floats lit the passion of a city that is preparing the event for an entire year: costume, current events, politics are topics that trigger the imagination of true professionals of joy. The Carnival was born in 1873 and has achieved a world stage like the homonymous party in Rio.

Another staple of the tradition is the Viareggio Prize for Literature was founded in 1929 by Leonidas Repaci and that still follow the development of our literature. The architecture has no special features, made homogeneous by the Art Nouveau style of soft forms designed by the architect Belluomini and ceramics by Galileo Chini and Chino. To visit Matilde Tower and Piazza Shelley, where stands the bust of the poet.

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