A city set in a spectacular nature, nestled in a unique setting that the Apuan Alps, a few kilometers down the sea: Pietrasanta, his plant purely medieval theater is ideal for holidays, which may be enriched by cultural and social events beyond all expectations.

Pietrasanta, renamed “Little Athens”, in fact offers a wonderful cultural and artistic heritage and impressive. And ‘one of the most important cultural centers of artistic working of marble, stone and bronze. Famous international artists such as Henry Moore, Noguchi, Lipshitz, Miró, Arp, Sint-Phalle Niki de Botero have used the workshops of marble and bronze foundries. These artists have designed, created and modeled in Pietrasanta works then placed in major streets and squares of the World.

The best vantage point of the urban di Pietrasanta is the fortress of room: there overlooks the Piazza Duomo, onto which the main monuments, the cathedral bell tower with its red, the palace Moroni, the golden facade of St. Augustine , the tower of the Hours. located almost equidistant between the coast and the first reliefs Apuan, Camaiore, Pietrasanta like a “village founded,” wanted to Lucca (a rival of Pisa) to the middle of the thirteenth century in the framework of the territorial reorganization aimed at controlling Versilia.

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