Marinella di Sarzana

Marinella di Sarzana is the coastal strip of the City of Sarzana. Its territory is bordered by the province of Massa Carrara (Carrara municipality) in the south-east, by the municipality of Ameglia north-west, from the north-east of Ortonville and the rest of the town of Sarzana north.

Appendix resort on the Ligurian town of Sarzana, Marinella di Sarzana is geographically part of the Apuan Riviera and is practically adjacent to Marina di Carrara. The peculiarity of Marinella di Sarzana is to be characterized by a low and sandy coast, totally different from the rocky shores of the Ligurian Riviera.

Thanks to its long sandy beach about 3 miles, along which alternate with beaches and state concessions, Marinella di Sarzana is a resort area popular with tourists from neighboring Emilia and the Lunigiana, is also known for its proximity to the archaeological excavations of ‘ancient Luni.

The coast sarzanese is known and appreciated both for its ease of access and proximity to the major urban centers of the area is to be an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the sea and the beaches with calm, away from the excesses of Other popular tourist destinations.

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