Palmaria, Tino e Tinetto

In the waters off Portovenere is located in the archipelago with the three islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, which certainly represent the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere.

Tino, where there are interesting ruins dating from the eleventh century and the church dedicated to Saint Venerio, is a military zone and on it the access is allowed only during the festivities in honor of the saint (September 13). There are the ruins of the ancient abbey dedicated to the saint, built in the eleventh century., Such as transformation of the chapel built in the seventh century in the place where it was found the body of Venerio, born Palmaria and Tino died in the hermitage.

The islet Tinetto, bare of vegetation, preserves ancient evidence of the presence of religious communities in this area, formed by the presence of the ruins of two distinct bodies: in the western part of the island there was a small oratory of the century. VI apse oriented to the east, from which rose a building more complex. The latter church with two naves and cells for the monks, presents different phases of construction that have occurred until the eleventh century., When it was destroyed by the Saracens. It is believed also interesting to note the presence of a reptile endemic on the island, the Pordacis tinettoi muralis, a species of lizard extremely rare.

Of the three islands, Palmaria is the most popular and well-known, especially among La Spezia, with regard to seaside tourism: Every year thousands pour onto the beaches of swimmers who choose it for its clear waters lapping the coasts.

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