The city of Carrara takes its name from Kair, which in Celtic means stone, and is in fact the most important center in the world as far as the famous “Carrara marble”, a very fine white marble that is extracted from the Apuan Alps. The production of marble has always been a very important economic resource, traded both domestically and in Europe.

It is a paradise suspended between mountains and sea. During the summer, it is visited by many tourists who decide to spend their holidays on the long sandy beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Thanks to its geographical position, the city is characterized by a mild climate favored by the presence of the sea from one of the Apuan Alps, surrounding it, protect it from the cold winds coming from the north.

Carrara is definitely one of the cities of Tuscany that has a charm of the original, thanks to the presence of suggestive and panoramic sea views coupled with the presence of buildings architectural and artistic.

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